About Us

Guangdong Yingke Group Corporation Limited has been certified as a national “high-tech enterprise” that specializes in research, manufacture and distribution of environmental-friendly water-based ink, varnish and resin products for printing.

Yingke development history:

July, 1998: Registration of the company in Dongguan

Nov, 2000: Registration of trademark “英科” (Yingke) and “YK”

July, 2001: Receives certification for “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise”

June, 2001: Acquisition of Hongmei Ink Corp. in Wuxi

Dec, 2002: Receives certification for “Guangdong Private-owned Sci-Tech Enterprise

Jan, 2003: Yingke independently researched and developed water-based flexographic printing ink for calenders, water-based fragrance ink and water-based pearlescent binder introducing to the market

Dec, 2003: Acquisition of Xinsheng Ink Manufacturing Ltd. Corp. in Hangzhou

Feb, 2004: Relocation to Duitang Industrial District in Chashan, Dongguan, along with a five time boost in production capacity

Dec, 2005: Grants authorization in establishing “Dongguan Water-Based Ink Research and Engineering Center”

Mar, 2006: Establishment of subsidiary company in Baoding, Hebei

Sep, 2006: Receives certification for “Guangdong Province Famous Brand Products” for Yingke water-based ink

Apr, 2007: Establishment of subsidiary company and factory in Haiyan, Zhejiang

Dec, 2007: Receives certification for “Guangdong Province Famous Trademark”

June, 2008: Products exported to Egypt

Sep, 2008: Along with the decennial, completing the second phase of plant building in the headquarter, R&D center and factory

Mar, 2009: Establishment of “Guangdong Innovative Water-based Ink Research and Development Engineering-Technology Center”through a forum with specialists in the industry

Oct, 2010: Subsidiary company and factory, Hebei Yingke Printing Ink Ltd., putting into production

Jan, 2011: Receives certification in the National Torch Program for “Industrialization of General Water-based Resin and Printing Ink for Plastic and Paper”

June, 2011: Establishment of a party branch in headquarter, Dongguan

Oct, 2012: Subsidiary company and factory, Wuhan Yingke Printing Ink Ltd., putting into production

Oct, 2014: Continual certification for “National High-tech Enterprise”

Aug, 2015: Signing contract with Dongguan Securities in preparation of entering the New Third Board market of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NEEQ)

Oct, 2015: Registered capital increasing to 25 millions

Dec, 2015: Registered capital increasing to 30 millions

Apr, 2016: Headquarter of Yingke is officially registered as “Yingke Group Corporation Limited” and hosting the first shareholders’ meeting, with registered capital reaching 38 millions

Aug, 2016: NEEQ grants and announces Yingke Group Corporation Limited for public listing, as stock code: 838255

Mar, 2017: Registered capital increasing to 41 millions

Nov, 2017: Continual certification for “High-Tech Enterprise”

Nov, 2017: Acquires “Intellectual Property Management System Certification”

July, 2018: Organizes company trip for the 20th anniversary

Sep, 2018: Receives listing in the 2008《Green Raw Material Products Catalogue》 for Yingke water-based flexographic printing ink

Aug, 2019: Receives recognition as the annual exemplary corporation for intellectual property in Guangdong

Sep, 2019: Receives listing in the 2009《Green Raw Material Products Catalogue》 for Yingke water-based flexographic printing ink and water-based gravure printing ink

Dec, 2019: Receives recognition as the annual national superior intellectual property corporation

June, 2020: Has been recognized as “Guangdong High-Integrity Enterprise” for 20 years

Dec, 2020: Continual certification for “High and New Technology Enterprise”

Aug, 2021: Appointed as the vice president of Printing Ink Association under the Daily-use Chemical Industry Association