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Product characteristics
Ink toner: 1) YK102: Good printing adaptability, high stability, excellent color development.
2) AT015: Specially designed for dot printing, with clear dots and strong sense of hierarchy.
3) AT024: Good wear resistance, good covering performance, high cost performance, especially suitable for printing on kraft cardboard.
4) AT029: Good printing fluidity and high gloss. Particularly suitable for white cardboard or products with high gloss requirements.
Color paste: 3 series of color paste. This series of color paste is made of acrylic resin and high-grade pigments. It has the characteristics of pure color, bright color, high gloss and good stability.
Main ingredients
Acrylic resin, advanced pigments, water additives.

technical parameter
· Pigments can be blended according to PANTONE color card.
· PH value: 8.2-9.5
· Viscosity: 10-18 seconds/4
· Fineness: <5u

A. Stir well and keep the printing consistent before use.
B. After opening, the storage is sealed immediately to prevent drying and caking or sundries falling in.
C. Storage place should avoid high temperature and have a shelf life of one year at room temperature.
D. The ink can be adjusted by the related materials of our company if the use conditions change.